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What people say

I can’t thank and rate Nathan highly enough for the brilliant work he has done with my son. After suffering for years firstly from bullying which led to a lack of self confidence which brought on a high degree of social anxiety it reached the point where despite doing well at school/college these issues would have been so prohibitive that University wasn’t an option – we tried conventional counselling but there was little improvement.

Then through a friend we found Nathan – instantaneously after one session we saw a marked improvement- a self belief and a realisation that he could learn to live and cope with his anxiety. Nathan is quite unique he is Understating, compassionate and interested in his clients giving feedback when required and if there is a real problem you know he is on hand should you need him. We are now in a position where my son feels confident enough to take the exciting step of going to Uni – hand on heart I can honestly say we would not be at this stage without Nathan’s intervention and I can’t thank him enough.

We would highly recommend (which I have) to anyone who requires his services.

Sally Mullins

I can’t thank and recommend Nathan enough. I went to visit Nathan when I suddenly started suffering from Anxiety attacks on a daily basis completely out of the blue. I initially went to see a counsellor as recommended by my GP but this didn’t really help me. I was then advised to see Nathan and I am so glad I did as I have gone from daily anxiety attacks and feeling the lowest I had ever felt in my life, to after three amazing sessions later, I am nearly back to my original self before the anxiety started.

Nathan’s calming nature, understanding and his expertise in dealing with people who suffer from all different types of issues is quite amazing. I thank Nathan endlessly for giving me my life back.

I would recommend anyone suffering from mental health issues to see Nathan as he will change your life for the better.

Michael - 34 years old

I have experienced intrusive and disturbing thoughts since I was a young child and after speaking with Nathan about my experiences he suggested I meet formally with himself in order to investigate my situation a little more closely. After two sessions, with in which Nathan helped me to identify specific elements that had been contributing to my problems, I began to not only gain a deeper understanding of my own personal environment, but also understand how to cope with things that previously had been beyond my control.

Nathan is incredibly professional in his approach, has a deep understanding of his subject and deals with things that the layman simply wouldn’t consider. I am not only eternally grateful for the help that he has provided me, I am fascinated by the world that he has shown me.


I am writing to let you know the experience that both my husband and myself had after Nathan had been working on us, Firstly may I say that Nathan is a courteous young man and all of his treatments are dealt with in the most confidential manner.

Nathan has helped me with issues experienced from the change (menapause). Liver problems and stress. My husband has reumatiod arthritis, and as Nathan say’s he can’t cure it but he can help with the pain and discomfort and he does! The relief for my husband is great.

Some of the problems I have that Nathan has picked up on such as my liver and symptoms of the change, have been medicially treated with surgery since he located them. I would have no problem recommending Nathan to anybody, the results you get will speak for themselves.

Female healing patient that has seen Nathan

Nathan has worked on me for a number of ailments, firstly Migraines, I have suffered with them for about 20 years, I now only suffer from them about 2/3 times a year, but it used to be once a month, at least.

When Nathan places his hands near my head, I can instantly feel what I can only describe as a charge of energy but the pain leaves, I have experienced slow involuntary movements, my head sometimes moves from side to side or rolls gently backwards and forwards, once the treatment is over I usually feel quite tired but the pain does subside.

More recently he has been working on my lower back  and this has lead to more movement where I roll forwards like I am stretching my back muscles, like an internal osteopath, it is a very strange feeling and even if I concentrate very hard not to make the movements they continue.

The word, calm, is the only word I can use to describe how I feel after each treatment, I feel like weights have been lifted mentally and physically and I feel calm.

Nathan is worth every penny.

Thank you Nathan


I started to attend meditation/mindfulness with Nathan/Rutland Sanctuary shortly after my father passed away. The normally manageable work pressures combined with the loss of my Father and other family challenges were quite a lot to deal with and I needed something to help me deal with all of this at the same time. Mindfullness/meditation and Nathan’s calm expert tuition and insight helped me through this period. I continue to attend his groups as the techniques I have learnt help me in everyday stressful situations, large presentations, complicated meetings and simply just trying to switch my brain off at night to go to sleep. I cant, recommend Nathan/Rutland Sanctuary enough. Thank you.

UK and Republic of Ireland Sales Director